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Director | Teacher 

Meagan is an actor, an author, and a mom. Her book, Babies Are The Worst: A Memoir about Motherhood, PPD, & Beyond, has been hailed as "a singularly affecting, funny, and urgent read" (BookLife Prize). She has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 2004 and spent over a decade working as an actress in NYC and LA in commercials, television, film and web. Growing up, she was always involved in music, whether in choir at church, choral group in high school, or singing in cabarets in NYC. She discovered Music Together after becoming a mom in 2013 and was thrilled to find a program that offered fundamental music technique for her children (Owen & Quinn) in an age-appropriate, fun way.  "I love that Music Together is a music program based in early childhood development research. It feels like sneaking spinach into a smoothie: A yummy way to get my kids the good stuff they need!" 




Anthony is a lifetime music maker and lover. His love for music began as a young child singing with his family and experimenting with various instruments around the home. From elementary school through high school Anthony was in various choral programs and auditioned for and attended several Florida Vocal Association All-State Chorus conferences. Though his professional pursuits strayed from music in college and beyond, he continued singing with friends and family whenever possible. When his son was born in 2020, Anthony wanted to share the gift of music and began exposing him to different instruments and styles of music, finally coming to the Beaches Music Together program in 2021. When Anthony saw how passionate his son was about the music and began noticing distinct musical milestones from Music Together, he knew he had to share it with ALL children and families. He is very excited to join the Beaches Music Together group and share the wonderful gift of music with you all!

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